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These ten tips will help you start out the school year with high grades and motivation!

1. SIT IN THE FRONT ROW. Or second row if you’re shy. Never in the back. Never.

2. Transfer the due dates from your syllabi to your planner/calendar as soon as…

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A couple weeks ago, I had a homework assignment and one of the questions from the assignment reads:“List the features of attractiveness of your best friend, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your lover or spouse.” I was working on this assignment pretty late at night, so I just used Tom Hiddleston. I wrote: “Tom Hiddleston: His eyes are the most amazing blue. Look at them, they are gorgeous. Those cheek bones, egad! They are something else!! He has some pretty long legs, and gosh that smile. So adorable. Also, he is unimaginably kind.” What I had written barely any sense, but I turned it in anyway. Today, my professor returned our work back to us individually. I had forgotten that the Hiddles was in my work until she said (HER EXACT WORDS)Prof. : Good work in your description of your friend!Me: *holding back laughter* Thank you.Prof. : How did you become friends? Does he attend this campus?Me: *giggling* Um, he doesn’t attend this campus. I guess you could say we became friends due to our shared taste in movies. Prof. : Oh that’s lovely! You should bring him in to class one day!Me: *fighting the urge to convulse in laughter on the floor* Well, that might be difficult. He lives in London.Prof. : London?! Oh that’s wonderful! Maybe you could have a Skype call with him instead.Me: I sure would love to. SHE HAS NO IDEA WHO TOM HIDDLESTON IS AND SHE REALLY THINKS THAT HIDDLES AND I ARE BFFS
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mi creación
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The Cheerleaders of the University of Puerto Rico in Bayamón.  The best in the country!

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¡Dios mío!  Qué es esto?!?

Zari aka Kim C

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Where she plays the sax… (Taken with Instagram at Plaza Del Caribe)
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What they call a band… (Taken with Instagram at Plaza Del Caribe)
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My bag! (Taken with Instagram at UPR Ponce)
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College days by ~PascalCampion