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Yessy, 26 from Puerto Rico. EDM lover. Serial Reader. Photography Amateur.

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Family Game Time - Family Circle
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The story of my life!  Or at least how I expect it to be!
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Where I wanted to be today to sort my thoughts…(via imgTumble)
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The Raveonettes - Bubblegum, 2003. B-side to That Great Love Sound, and a reminder of that one time when the “new kids” were HEAVILY influenced by the Jesus & Mary Chain/Joy Division template.

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I’ve got to own this poster!!  I need it for my collection.  Long live The Raveonettes! 


She’s Lost Control (Trentemøller Edit)
Por: The Raveonettes
Incluida en el élbum Harbour Boat Trips 01 - Copenhagen
Año: 2009

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I’ll ride these roads alone
beneath the sulphur sky
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These two, form my favorite band ever!  Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo.